NLP and Computer Vision Applications

Natural language processing (NLP) is going to make a very big impact with several exciting applications using advanced machine learning techniques along with conventional rule-based algorithms by providing more accurate analysis using relatively less training data. The hybrid approach using a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning, supported by reinforcement learning and deep learning models has shown significant improvement in accuracy and reliability in many different applications. The domains of applications of NLP has been expanding fast. It is gaining popularity in speech-controlled automation, education, healthcare, and in a big way in business applications.

Computer vision is another such technology area which is opening up many applications with its ability to extract relevant information from individual images, videos, and image sequence to make the computers understand whatever a camera does capture. Generation of smart data through intelligent computer vision techniques will have many derivative use-cases in the military, industrial, retail, automotive, healthcare, agriculture, home security, mobility, and many more.

Although the work on NLP and computer vision falls within the broad category of application of artificial intelligence, we take it as a separate area of research focus due to its importance and scope of useful exploration. Moreover, the end-to-end system implementation of NLP and computer vision applications has always been a challenging task and needs an in-depth study of the methods of realization.

We have a strong interest in the following fields of NLP and computer vision research.

Algorithm design and exploration for emerging NLP applications

Intelligent algorithms for computer vision applications

System-level design and realization of NLP and computer vision applications

Real-time smart surveillance and smart-data generation

Computer vision for military, healthcare, and industrial applications

NLP and computer vision for aging population support

Cost-effective and reliable implementation of NLP and computer vision