What we do

SANDHAAN LABS is an institution for fostering innovation not only in the leading-edge information technology but also in other areas of technology for immediate as well as long-term societal needs. It is a hub for global collaboration to facilitate researchers across the world to work together through the exchange of ideas and interactions to develop innovative technologies that could generate outstanding publications as well as intellectual properties. The collaborating members of this organization are universities and other academic institutes, research institutes, and research & development units of enterprises from different parts of the world. It is a strong platform for synergy between academia and enterprises to drive innovation and develop the necessary technology solutions to specific problems and the current demands of the industry. It also works as a center for learning to groom manpower for research and technology deployment.


A global center for pioneering research to solve societal problems and catering to industry requirements.


Fostering high-quality research and innovation through global collaboration and expert support.

Our unique position and strength

We have highly experienced advisors from academia as well as industry who guide us on various research directions and other activities of the organization. Besides, we have close research collaboration with more than a hundred domain-experts from reputed institutes in India and many other countries like the USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia who encourage us on this endeavor and provide valuable consultancy services on various aspects of research and development. The founder of Sandhaan Labs has a wide and strong research background in the emerging areas of computer science & engineering, electronics, and electrical engineering covering applications in healthcare, agriculture, cyber-security, smart city, and home automation. He has many outstanding publications from collaborative research during the last twenty years.

Steering advisors